About Dexaco

Our Goal at Dexaco

Dexaco is a company with a serious mission, our mission is to interface between the consumer and the manufacturer in offering good storage related solutions and materials handling products at competitive prices, ensuring a sustainable supply and superb quality while remaining professional in our approach to facilitating this. 

We pride ourselves in taking every effort to ensure that we not only solve Your Storage Space requirement to the highest level possible, we also offer a high level of back up service, advice and technical detail to ensure longevity. 

While this is not a new concept it is rarely if ever achieved and Dexaco believes with its level of experience and associated experience we have the team and knowledge to achieve this at a professional level.

Trevor Stofberg

Managing Director

“My passion is to see a great project completed. Working together to create a plan and seeing the plan run smoothly, on time and on budget”

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We deliver and install shelving and storage throughout South Africa

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